Rec Leagues and Insurance

Rec league sports (and other intramurals that may or may not extend beyond the college years) are a great way to keep up relationships and bonding with old friends while also keeping you in shape and social. And, just as importantly, your skills stay keen because you’re playing every week or so.

For the most part, the only drawback to rec sports, even while you age, is their costs. But if you budget correctly and set aside a monthly amount to throw at a rec league, it’s mostly negligible. You can even look at it as a gym membership.

And just as well, you’re not likely to be in any other type of organized sport outside of rec leagues as you age, as organized sports are typically set up for anyone still in school or doing it professionally. So, rec leagues are one of your only opportunities outside of pickup games with friends at the local park. And sometimes, those can be hard to organize and populate enough for full teams.

The thing you have to be careful with, though, is injury. As your body ages, things become frailer. You don’t want to accidentally hurt yourself by doing something you love on a weekly basis, now do you?

Proper gear and stretching are absolute musts for these sorts of leagues. It’s worth it to spend a little extra on shoes with better support. And it’s worth it to go out and look for the braces, pads, or whatever other gear you personally may need. And don’t get me started with stretching. Don’t ever compromise a proper stretching routine just because you “didn’t have time.” Stretch before you play no matter what, as this is the number one way to avoid injury.

The only other thing you need, then, is disability insurance.

Yes. Insurance. You need this particular type in the off chance that an injury sidelines you not only from your league but also your job. It’s possible to break or sprain something, which can put you off your feet (or disable the use of your hands or wrists) for quite some time. And if your career in particular requires you to walk a lot or type, you could be “out” for some time.

Disability insurance, however, will make sure that you aren’t starved of a steady income even if you’re out of your job for an extended period of time. And it covers illness, to boot.

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