Home improvement can be a great way to spice up your everyday life and give you a sense of accomplishment and ownership that not many other things can yield. By doing something yourself, for yourself, you really create a sense of self gratification and all around “feel good” that you can’t find anywhere else.

No matter the size of the project, it’s always great to change things up and simply add to what you have. So whether you’re making a small desk for the home office, installing a new roof, or even building a brand new addition to the house to expand, it’s great to add value to your place, own the work you’ve done, and really be an evolving part of your home.

The problem is, this sort of stuff takes time. It’s not usually the money that concerns most people since it’s always cheaper to make, fix, and install things yourself. But finding the time it takes to do these projects can be challenging.

Thus, weekends become busy. Because let’s be honest, not many of us have the energy or gung-ho attitude it takes to get home from our day job to tackle a project after dinner. It’s usually too dark or you’re too tired to get back at it.

And the thing is, sometimes your weekends are too precious to give up for these projects, too. Weekends are often spent with the kids, with other family, with friends, or just simply recuperating from the work week. Sometimes you travel. Sometimes you go out. Sometimes you kick back and grill out. So, spending time on your weekends tackling yet another project can be quite exhausting.

That’s why you should handle these things only a few times a year. Don’t move from one project to the next without some sort of break or reward for yourself.

And always remember to be careful and be safe when working on new projects. Heavy machinery, some saws, electrical work, and roofing tasks can all be very dangerous to your health. Perhaps now is the time to think about getting a disability insurance policy to cover yourself in the off chance that something goes awry. By having disability insurance in place, you can ensure that your monthly income remains stable even in the event of a disaster.

Don’t be unprepared when it comes to your health, safety, and family. Make sure you have the proper coverage when working on projects, especially if you’re doing them alone.